EXEKO is first and foremost the story of an exalted friendship, a project born of an enthusiastic collaboration between the women of Neo Cosmetics. EXEKO is also an extraordinary multicultural and interdisciplinary vision of organic fitness products for skin care and a strong emotional connection between individuals. The EXEKO® brand takes its name from the Greek word "ex aequo" which means equality: equality of opportunities for all, without extreme behavior, with peace of mind. EXEKO® is the fitness brand for skin care for athletes and people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The brand encourages team spirit through the sharing of sports events with family or friends to try to win together! EXEKO is a brand of NEO COSMETIC laboratories,


EXEKO is a true revolution in the field of organic products for skin care thanks to advanced expertise in formulation, ingredients of excellent quality and ultra-pure water. Our products are designed to be as exciting as they are effective, combining performance, fun and organic raw materials. All our products are developed in the spirit of the French way of life, a way of life that makes each day a little softer and happier!

Ultra-pure water for perfect hydration

In our laboratories in Aix-en-Provence, we produce the purest water available. Our water is indeed a million times more pure than spring water. By using filtration processes, we obtain ultra-pure water free from any harmful chemical or organic agent that could potentially irritate the skin. The softness of the water EXEKO with its neutral pH respects the dermo-epidermal junction of all the skins. Controlled by independent laboratories, EXEKO ultra-pure water is certified according to the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia. Without any smell or color, this water is the guarantee of the constant quality of our cosmetic products and medical devices.

High quality ingredients

With a deep knowledge of the cosmetics market, we know as a manufacturer that the quality of cosmetic products is essentially determined by the quality and excellence of the raw materials used. Thus, in order to guarantee a stable quality level, all the raw materials used in the manufacture of EXEKO products must comply with the specifications that we have defined.